Rustycon XXII January 16-18 2015, Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center
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Room Parties at Rustycon

Since the party rooms are in convention space, party guests are required to have a Rustycon badge

You may host a party or other event in one of the city rooms. The charge will be the same as the negotiated Rustycon sleeping room rate. There are 6 City Suite rooms each measuring approximately 17X25, (all also include a half bath). The City Suite rooms are on the Lobby Level (Aberdeen, Bremerton, Everett, Olympia, Renton, and Tacoma).

These Party Suites will have corkage and forkage waivers, and you as the renting guest, are responsible for securing a banquet permit for each day that you will be serving alcohol in your Party Suite. The hotel will do it's best to place the guests party associated with a party suite, in rooms above their Party Suite, or on the second floor in the sleeping rooms on the East and South side of the Pool area. These assignments are to be managed by the Hotel, and are intended to act as a sound buffer between guests not associated with the Party Suites, and the Party Suites.

IN ADVANCE - Make your reservation and send it to our hotel liaison. Party host must make a reservation and send the confirmation to Room parties shall be restricted to designated party suites, as designated by the hotel and rented by the party host. We will assist you in getting your party room in the correct area.

IN ADVANCE - You will need to get a banquet permit to throw a party RustyCon 30. The party host must be listed on the room reservation and must secure a banquet liquor license. To get your permit online Banquet permits cost $10 per day for your event.

What is a banquet permit?

A banquet permit is a permit you apply for that allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events.

ON SITE - Register your party and post your license. Register with our office. Changes happen and this will let you tell us about those changes. Make a copy of your license to leave in our Office and display the original on the wall near your bar. Please use Painters tape to tape to the walls. New rule when you get your license online – an email will be sent to a WSLB agent and your party may be visited by an agent to make sure you are in compliance with the Banquet License and all attendees are over 21 with picture ID.

Of course, all of the standard rules apply to the room parties:


No alcohol is permitted to leave party that it was served at – yes people can buy alcohol and leave the bar but the bar cuts them off much earlier than our parties do.

The Host:

  • The host(s) must be 21 years of age or older. The host should be a non-drinker during the party.
  • The host(s) shall be responsible for the conduct of those attending the party. S/he shall be certain that no one drinks and drives, and that no minors are served alcohol.
  • The host(s) shall be responsible for the party and any incidents that occur there, or as a result of RustyCon 30 shall not be responsible for any damage to persons or property during the aforementioned party, or as a result of.
  • The host(s) must be present at the party during the entire time that the party is in progress.
  • All persons at the party must have legal ID on their person at all times.
  • We (RustyCon or the Hotel) reserve the right to shut down any party for any reason.

Party Attendees
All party attendees MUST have their convention badge and be a member in standing with RustyCon. We will be checking to make sure that ‘Guests’ to the party areas are wearing or have on their person their RustyCon badge. If they don’t have a badge, they will be asked to leave.

If you will be bringing in DJ equipment so that you may have loud music at your party, your party will need to be located in the City Suite Rooms, please let us know when you register the party.

Noise – if your party is very noisy with music and lots of people we ask you to leave your windows closed and your door mostly closed.

Drunks – drunks are everybody’s problem. How can you help mitigate the problem? Got some non-drinkers for late night security volunteering? Thoughts or ideas are welcomed. Any help you can provide is appreciated. We will be doing our part. At the very least CARD everyone and cut off anyone driving early.

No alcohol should leave your room/space.

Remember - KEEP WATCH ON WHO IS DRINKING. We require that all parties serving alcohol check ID and not leave alcohol where anyone can grab it. The laws in Washington State say that if you are the supplier of alcohol to minors or to someone who is already drunk and they hurt themselves or others, YOU TOO are responsible for THEIR actions. There are also heavy fines for contributing to the delinquency of a minor it you are found to have supplied them with alcohol.

Please Note: No alcohol is to be used that has not been purchased from a store in Washington State, i.e.; you can’t bring alcohol for your party from outside Washington (that includes Indian Reservations), you cannot serve homemade spirits – Wine or Beer.

This is not a comprehensive list; every year things come up that no one thought we needed to write down. Please listen to our committee or staff if they have information to share with you.

If you are interested in hosting a room party at RustyCon 30, Please send an e-mail to