Rustycon 35

A Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Seattle Airport Marriott, January 12-14, 2018

Dealer's Room

Kamakru Raven

Every convention needs a Dealers' Room, and we’re proud of ours!

Dealer's Room Hours

Friday 9am setup (Dealers only)
Friday - open 1pm to 6pm
Saturday - open 9am to 6pm
Sunday  - open 9am to 5pm
Sunday after 5pm dealers only for pack out. 


Attending Merchants

Dragondyne Publishing Dragonstorm Sports
Games Plus Dark Hammer Productions, Inc.
Occams Edge Pandora House Crafts
Erika Rae Heins White Horse Entertainment Franknyeager & Laughing Lion
The Norse Gypsy Forge Mabel By Design
Art of Yote Atlas Imaging
Trollop Labs Terralumina Daughters
Apothecary & Fiber arts
Inkpawz Art Epic Gaming, LLC

The Dealer's room is FULL!

As always, the success of the Dealers' Room relies on our exhibitors, be they traditional or digital artists, craftsmen, or authors, to name a few.

Tables are limited based on the number of applicants and the preferences of the dealers applying to be part of the Dealers' Room. Space is limited, so be sure to apply for next year as early as possible!

If you have filled out an application for a space in the Dealers' Room, Please use an email address that you check regularly as this will be our primary method of contacting you. We are not responsible for the consequences of lost emails. If you're expecting an email from us, make sure you check your Junk/Spam folder, and add us as a trusted contact.

Tables are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

You may have a table assistant. If so, they will need a paid membership of their own. Subletting, or sharing your table with another dealer, is not permitted.

Apologies, RustyCon staff cannot help you carry items, set up, tear down, or watch your belongings.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Dealers' Room this year! Thank you ALL for your incredible artistry!

Questions or problems? E-mail


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