Art Show

Current artists attending:

  • John P. Alexander
  • Jo Brown
  • Stan Bruns
  • Celine Chapus
  • Sarah Clemens
  • Braden Duncan (Clockwork Art)
  • Jackie Duram Nilsson
  • Lizzy Hill
  • Theresa Mather
  • Jess Quinn
  • Cynthia Radthorne
  • Mark Sutton
  • Costuming Guest of Honor, Julie Zetterberg

To enter the show, please fill out the order form, and send it along with a signed artist release and appropriate funds. All forms necessary are here, in addendable PDF form, to help you out with all your paperwork needs for the show. If there is anything else we can help with, please contact us! See you at the show!

See you at the show!

Jackie Duram Nilsson
Art Show Director

Art Show
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