Rustycon 35

A Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Seattle Airport Marriott, January 12-14, 2018


NorthNorth is a fursuiter and puppeteer who first found furry fandom through the online site Furry Muck in the mid 90s. His first convention experience came at a scifi con in San Jose California in the mid 80s where he got to meet his childhood hero the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, and also many members of the original Star Trek series cast.

The past six years, North has served as Asst. Director for Programming at Anthrocon, the Furry Fandom's largest annual convention held each summer in Pittsburgh PA. At Anthrocon, North has worked closely with a variety of interesting guests such as the San Diego Chicken, voice actor Jim Cummings, and authors Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

In the Pacific Northwest, North is an original member of the Board of Directors at Rainfurrest, a major PNW furry convention, and served as the convention co-chair in 2008 and chair in 2009 and 2010.

In Furry Fandom, North truly enjoys performing and entertaining as a fursuiter and puppeteer on stage and outside at public events. He has appeared on the internet's Funday Pawpet Show as a guest performer several times. Outside fandom, North works as a professional fundraiser in higher education. He loves the mountains, motorsports, motorcycles, aviation and spaceflight, progressive rock, hi-fi audio, shooting, cooking and bartending, Formula One racing, and especially his loving partner.

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